Tuesday, October 04, 2005

First finalists for DARPA Grand Challenge ..

DARPA has changed the qualification schedule - 10 teams are already qualified for the finals and don't need to make more track runs (out of a total of 43 semifinalists, 20 teams will be selected to compete in the finals).

The lucky ones are:

  • RedTeam (Sandstorm and H1ghlander
  • IVST1
  • Team TerraMax
  • Team Cornell
  • SciAutonics
  • Virginia Tech team Rocky
  • Axion racing
  • Standford Racing
  • Team Caltech
  • btw: Grand Challenge Pictures at Flikr.

    Update: DARPA now says that:

    DARPA cautioned teams and observers to draw no conclusions from today's approach to runs and practice. The NQE evaluation process includes many tests and standards, of which actual run completion is only one measure.
    So I might have been a bit fast with calling the ten teams "finalists" (but hey - Team Cornell even says so on their homepage) but these teams did very well and I would be surprised if one of them gets eliminated in the semifinals. Tonight we'll now.

    Update 2: Tom's Hardware Guide has nice Grand Challenge coverage

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