Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Googlespotting: Googles Dashboard

With all this excitment about Alexa and all the Xmas parties I almost forgot to hype the newest Google invention: Google now offers a simple API that allows to build modules for your personalized homepage at Google (yours, not mine; I still think that the best startpage is "null").
Anyway: very nice idea, API looks really simple to use. A nice point is that you can host your modules on Google Base - possible the first real use for this service ;-).
But still, Apple did it first (yea, looks different at first glance, but think about it from a widget/module developer point of view). Microsoft and Yahoo where faster too.

PS: I was just checking if somebody had already used the term "Googlespotting" - (of course, somebody did), but I was "shocked" to find that some are using this term absolutely wrong. Googlespotting is not (!) looking at interesting places using Google Earth (thats Google Sightseeing) ;-)