Monday, April 24, 2006

16000 Dead Germans / Year

According to official data 16000 Germans die every year because they where ordered to take drugs that interacted in some way not anticipated by the doctor. 100 000 are send to hospitals for the same reason. Many of these cases are caused by well known interferences of drugs, not anticipated because the doctor did not know about them or the doctor did not even know all the drugs a patient was taking.
It is believed that electronic storage of medical data and AI technology may reduce this number - and such a system that would give a chip card to every German was supposed to be in place by January of this year. The chip cards would be able to store some information (prescription of medicines and data helpful in emergencies ) and would act as a key to centrally stored information (such as XRay pictures).
Sadly creating such a large computer system in an area where data security is of high importance is very difficult and now delayed for some unknown time period. I just read the not even the specification is completed :-(