Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More Semantic Web Clipboard

After a new post by Ray Ozzie I spend at bit more time reading the technical introduction and while I'm still a big fan of the idea, I'm sceptical about the direction the technical development is taking : Sure its cool that the Live Clipboard will work in any browser without needing any plugins, but if this means that someone who wants to enable people to copy events from her site into Outlook has to include a new css file, three JavaScript files and implement a copy callback function that returns the "Microformat" as LiveClipboardContent object - its just not going to see widespread adoption. This kind of technical realisation just negates THE reason that made microformats so successfull: the simplicity.

I know that this kind of implementation is necessary if your site wants to accept data pasted by the live clipboard - but obviously are there many more sites that only offer information than sites that accept submitted information. There should be a lighweight approach for sites that just want to publish information - and in my opinion this approach already exist: Microformats. I belive that Live clipboard needs to be integrated into a browser plugin that then identifies microformats on a page and allows to copy their structure - without requiring anything else.