Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Interesting Link

NYT about AI technology on spaceships, contains a link to an amazing animation of a 'shape-changing' robot.

We heard of robot soccer and even robot sumo - this week we learned of robot football (link with video) and robot golf.

The next step in the direction of the Google Web Office (yes' I'm aware that they denied working on such a thing a thousand times)- Google Spreadsheat (some more discussion here

BBC on Amnesty's initiative on net repression, also with a report on the kinds of web censorship in different parts of the world.

More on the fight to make all scientific research free and universally available - Free Radical

The UK All Party Parliamentary Internet Group has some surpisingly reasoned things to say on DRM/crippleware: summary on BoingBoing (american lawmakers on the other hand are spending their time preparing the next wave of even more invasive crippleware)

After CRT, LCD, FED and EPD: the waterbubble display.