Friday, September 15, 2006

Another Expert System On The Web?

The Product Chiron™ is a proven Artificial Intelligence like ("AI") tool, able to create the very realistic illusion that a client is actually interacting with another human. MCF's Chiron™ technology is the next generation in the convergence of Internet and telephony customer interaction. It can be used for help, learning, entertainment or education.

MCF III provides front-end solutions for companies who want the personal touch in responding to their customers needs. Using real world testing the Chiron systems can address many applications where no satisfactory solution currently exists. Relative to present generations of AI technology, MCF's new generation with the "human touch" of interaction is significantly more proactive. Other AI technology is only reactive. When you ask it a question, it gives you only a single answer and comes to a grinding halt.

MCFIII is the most powerful "Artificial Intelligence like" technology publicly available for any price. Our patent pending technology has over nine years of full time development. It is a proven technology that has been in real world use around the globe for one and half years. We have had over 100,000 users worldwide, they have helped us prove, polish and improve Chiron.
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