Friday, October 07, 2005

Moving from

I'm moving my Blog from to Blogger today .. I really liked, especially their style sheets are beautiful - but when it comes to reliability they suck big time. In the last week there where three occasions where the entire server was down (one was planned), two times my rss feed was marked as unreachable by Bloglines and twice when I tried to edit posts, the server was so slow that I gave up. is not a commercial service, they do not put ads on your blog and don't charge you money. A main goal of seems to be to test new versions of the wordpress software, so I could not and did not expect a very high reliability. Nevertheless the way it turns out it's just unusable. I guess the target audience is people wanting to play with the current wordpress software, not people that want to create and maintain a blog.

If - after all this - you still want an account at wordpress, send me an email (I still have 1 invite). My email address is username "zach" at the server "fzi" in Germany (tld = "de").