Friday, October 28, 2005

Semantic Web + Web 2.0 + eLearning = ?

I posted my newest paper here[pdf]. I will present this paper at the International Conference on Intelligent Agents, Web Technology and Internet Commerce at the end of next month.

In this paper I describe how we are trying to take succesfull Semantic Web and Web 2.0 ideas (like RSS, tagging and REST) and slightly extend them in order to get a bit closer to the idea of the Semantic Web. The title of the paper is "A Metadata Registry For Community Driven E-Learning Sites", the abstract is:

We present the architecture and the interface of a metadata registry for a large e-learning site. The metadata registry is very simple to integrate by content and application providers and thereby tries to motivate more members of the community to contribute. It takes its inspiration from currently successful Semantic Web architectures and aims to be an evolutionary change to the web – using long established standards where possible.

The same application is also described in an poster at this years ISWC. Due to an upcoming deadline, however, I can't afford to be away for a week and won't be there personally.

The idea to use RSS as an example for a succesfull Semantic Web application and carefully build upon this ideas is a bit older - we have already described similar ideas last year in the paper Semantic Announcement Sharing. There we analyzed RSSs success, looked for a domain that is similar in some important aspects, replicated the basic RSS structure and added taxonomies and great extensibility. The result was the specification of an Semantic Web application for the sharing of information about events. Sadly we never had the resources to really push this - still think it was a good idea.

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