Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Knowledge Zone - "One stop shop for Ontologies"

Stanford Medical Informatics created a public ontology registry that allows to upload, search and review ontologies.

Knowledge Zone is a web-based portal that allows users to submit their ontologies, to search for existing ontologies, to find out their rankings based on user reviews, to post their own reviews, and to rate reviews. We would like to invite you to submit your Ontology in the Knowledge Zone application (http://smi-protege.stanford.edu:8080/KnowledgeZone/). Knowledge Zone is one of the efforts to provide metadata related to ontologies to help users find, access, and assess ontologies for their applications as well as promote dissemination of ontologies and their re-use. If you are familiar with or using any of the ontologies that are already in the repository, we invite you to provide reviews and ratings for them. If you know anyone who uses your ontology or would be a good person to provide a review for it, we invite you to send them the link to the KnowledgeZone and encourage them to review and rate your ontology.
There are quite a few things that aren't that great about this site (for example its slow and you can't search by formalism), but still: better such a repository than none.