Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Strange technological developments

Sometimes I'm wondering what new technological developments will be as strange to us in 40 years as a self driving car is now to my grand mother. A while ago I came across one article that describes one nice possibility: Emotional attachement to robots (I would like to add "and software agents"). I think its a pretty safe bet that our children and grand children will have more emotional attachement to things we will continue to see as "just a machine"(the short Tamagotchi craze gave a glimpse of what is ahead). I also believe that our grand children will grow up to accept that some robots have emotions - something my generation will have a hard time to understand (although I would guess that in the end society will accept that machines - even those created by humans - can have emotions).
Unless of course, humankind fails to preserve this increasingly fragile society of ours (then one of the main things that will amaze us about our grand children will be that they don't miss running water)