Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Interesting (Although Mostly Depressing) Link

(Bad) news on the US telecom bill - "the most sweeping rewrite of laws dealing with video, satellite and broadband communications in a decade". Even TBL himself has entered the debate. In other attempts to destroy the internet as we know it, the UN's World Intellectual Property Organization tries to kill YouTube & friends. And as if that wasn't bad enough already, Americas politicians are working on even more ways to cripple comsumer electronics.

There will be a third Grand Challenge - this time in an urban environment (complete with other cars and stuff, something I had expected from the European Grand Challenge). Details will be announced on the 20th of May.

And the fight between Microsoft and Google heats up. In related news it is reported, that amazons a9, that used to be build on top of google, switched sides and now runs on top of MSN Search.

And after the spanish version of the US national anthym caused such a stir: there is now a version in "sung" in morse code (about). Boing Boing even has a binary version.