Wednesday, June 28, 2006

97% SPAM

You are not seeing much SPAM anymore in your Inbox? Does not mean that the problem went away:
"Below is a summary of the incoming email to our gateway mail servers for all domains that we accept email for (there are 57 domains). This summary is for the last 7 days: Our mail servers accepted 1,438,909 connections, attempting to deliver 1,677,649 messages. We rejected 1,629,900 messages and accepted only 47,749 messages. That's a ratio of 1:34 accepted to rejected messages!
I'm sure you have your own similar (or worse) statistics. What a waste! (And thanks to all the developers and administrators who've make this problem much less intrusive to ordinary users, leaving it to people like Bob who have to shovel out the sh*t. Ordinary users still think spam is bad, but they don't really know just how bad....)
The entire thing with more detail is here.