Thursday, September 21, 2006

Exploiting Usage Data for the Visualization of Rule Bases

For a change something about my own work.  The abstract of one of our recent papers (or actually poster - the reviewers degraded it to one). The authors are Valentin Zacharias and Imen Borgi.

Recent developments have made it clear that the Semantic Web will not only consist of RDF data and OWL ontologies but also of knowledge formulated as rules, hence the visualization of rules will also be an important part of user interfaces for the Semantic Web.
In this paper we describe novel ideas and their prototypical implementation for the visualization of rule bases. In the creation of the visualization our approach considers not only the structure of a rule base but also records of its usage. We also discuss the challenges for visualization algorithms posed by rule bases created with high level knowledge acquisition tools. We describe the methods we employ to deal with these challenges.

I believe that what we describe is indeed a new and important idea for the visualization of rule bases. Most of the negative remarks from the reviewers stem from flaws in the way the paper was written (as opposed to flaws in the work itself) and that the work isn't evaluated yet.  I'll continue to work in this direction.

I will present it at the SWUI (Semantic Web User Interaction) workshop at the ISWC.  You can read the entire paper as well as the other submissions to the workshop online.  There you can also find a paper on the Tabulator tool from TBL and a interesting - albeit a bit abstract and inexact - article on Explanations for the Semantic Web.