Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Changes To This Blog: This Weeks Links

From now on I will (again) post links only as collections once a week (or once in a while).  Otherwise I'll stop making blog posts whose only purpose it is to say: "hey, that's interesting". 

In general this will mean less posts,  a higher proportion of original work and at the same time more links (because its less work for me this way and I will lower the threshold of what I accept as interesting link for this blog). Links will continue to be in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (with a focus on expert systems), Semantic Web, really important Internet developments and really important computer science advances in general.   In short: stuff that interests me and that I believe interests people working in the same field.

I use to collect these links, so they are also visible at (RSS). The  newest couple of  links also appear on the frontpage of this blog (in the side panel).