Friday, November 11, 2005

Great Tools and an ISWC Paper

Sun is giving away the Java Studio Creator 2004Q2 and the Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 for free! (seems to be a limited time offer)

There is a new version of Evernote, a nice note taking tool (with a free version). I have been using it for a few month and can only recommend it.

I few days ago I found XStream, a tool that serializes Java to XML and recreates object from xml. Really a great tool, very easy to integrate; an extremly fast way to create programs that read/write xml configuration files. The XML that gets created is very readable. It comes with a BSD style license and hence can be used almost everywhere. I was surprised to see that some of its concepts are very similar to the serialization framework that I wrote for F-logic. Obviously its a lot more mature, but also doesn't face the same challenges.

And we here are all very proud that our colleague Boris Motik won one of two best paper awards at this years ISWC. Sorry, can't find the paper online yet.