Sunday, November 13, 2005

Semantic Web and AI Information Sources

Today I took some time to clean my bloglines account and add a few new sources - these may be of interest to some readers, so here they are:

Nova Spivacks: Minding the Planet. Nova Spivack works on a very secret Semantic Web startup that gets funded by Vulcan (yes, that counts for something) and writes interesting things about AI, Semantic web and the like. Update: Just saw that I should link to this article to let him know that I'm reading his blog.

Mark Watson "opinions on Java, Ruby, AI, semantic web, and politics". I'm not a great fan of people who think that, if I'm interested in their oppinions on CS topics I should be interested in their political take on things - but some of his links (especially the Java related stuff) look interesting.

BuzzHit Blog, from the makers of Since I liked the system I thought it may be interesting to keep track what they are doing next. Very low intensity blog.

Semantic Bits a blog by Ina O'Murchu, a Semantic Web researcher at DERI Gallway. She writes about Semantic Web research and, well, everything - especially IPods.

Jonathan Schwartz's Blog. He's chief operating officier at sun - and since Sun has been and still is one of the most innovative cs companies this is a must read; although it seems you have to take his statements with a grain of salt - especially those about IBM - he's a bit too positive about Sun (I guess you have to be as COO writing public articles).

Kurzwail AI: Accelerating Intelligent news .. Do I need to say more?

ISTResults: I couldn't possibly say it half as nice as they do:

The IST Results service gives you online news and analysis on the emerging results from Information Society Technologies research. The service reports on prototype products and services ready for commercialisation as well as work in progress and interim results with significant potential for exploitation.

Alright, thats enough for now, need to do some other things as well. More some other day.