Tuesday, December 27, 2005

EU-IST Project: DIP

DIP - Data, Information, and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services - is THE large Semantic Web Services Project. It wants to create the infrastructure to make Semantic Web Services a reality. In their words:

The major mission of DIP is to further develop Semantic Web and Web Services and especially to enable their combination. Web Services are the proper means to access semantically enriched data and semantic enrichment of Web Services is essential for their scalability and maturity. This new area is called Semantic Web Services. [...]
DIP will develop this technology and will focus on applications in eWork and eCommerce including sub topics such as Knowledge Management, Enterprise Application Integration and eGoverment. DIP'S mission is to make Semantic Web Services a reality, providing an infrastructure (i.e. an architecture and tools) that will revolutionize data and process integration in eWork, and eCommerce as the web did it for human access.

Project Data: Integrated Project, January 2004 until January 2007
Estimated cost: 16.3 million €
EU funding 10.1 million € (don't get confused, the figure on their project homepage is wrong)

Coordinator is the DERI in Gallway, Participants include the Forschungszentrum Informatik (my employer), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, University of Innsbruck, ILOG, British Telecom and SAP. You find a complete list here.

More Info: The project homepage offers a load of information, especially the deliverables page gives a good view of whats happening in the project.

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