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VIKEF ("Virtual Information and Knowledge Environment Framework") is an Integrated Project that wants to

"bridge the gap between the partly implicit knowledge and information conveyed in scientific and business content resources (e.g. text, speech, images) and the explicit representation of knowledge required for a targeted and effective access, dissemination, sharing, use, and annotation"[...]
They are claiming to build a framework and that supports the entire knowledge lifecycle with acquisition of information resources, (semi-automatic) annotation, knowledge discovery, ontology engineering and evolution, metadata management, context-aware infromation access and knowledge sharing using semantic information.
Publications that aknowledge financing through this project are mostly about user profiles/personalization (for example Ontologically-enriched Unified User Modeling for Cross-System Personalization or A Framework for RDF User Profile Management) and RDF storage in general (Optimizing RDF Storage Removing Redundancies). In their last annual report they are writing interesting things about automatic annotation of images, but it is unclear if this is anything more than ideas.
I wasn't able to find live/downloadable software demos; the 2005 project report contains one screenshot of some visualization component.

Project Data
Integrated Project, April 2004 until end of March 2007
Estimated Project Cost: 10.2 Million €
EU funding 5.6 Million €

Participants: INMARK Estudios y Estrategias (Spain), Fraunhofer IPSI (Germany), Xerox (France), Istituto Trentino di Cultura (Italy), Telefónica (Spain), University of Trento (Italy), Università di Bari (Italy), University of Sheffield (UK), CNR, Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale (Italy), The National Microelectronics Applications Centre Ltd (Ireland), Ltd. (Switzerland), Cyberlab.Org (Norway), CPO Hanser (Germany), Fundación Semana Verde de Ga-licia (Spain).

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