Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Interesting Link

Want to catch up on those developments in the Web 2.0 area? This "best of web2.0 software" is a great place to start (a nice follow-up on the same blog is "Companies I’d like to Profile (but don’t exist)"- check out the comments as well).

Tool helps you find stuff that you didn't know you were looking for(Watsons context based search).

The simple methods employed for km at bbc.

Cyc offers prizes for the best publications or proposals involving OpenCyc and/or ResearchCyc.

The European Institute of Public Administration awards prizes for innovation in e-government and healthcare, the Guardian highlights some finalists.

An interesting article about how AI technologies may change air traffic control.

A wired article about how the facial recognition technology developed by Riya is endangering your privacy (sorry, but I just can’t help but to point to the fact that I wrote about the privacy implications of facial-recognition techniques months ago ;-))

Search Engine Watch has a positive review for “Ambient Findability” – a book about how to deal with the information overload. I read it a while ago and did not like it. It describes a few current IT developments (Google Earth, Flickr, GPS, internet anywhere …) but to me offered no new insights. It may, however, be interesting to people that haven’t followed recent internet developments. It’s also available on safari.

On a lighter note I found a post about how to date an Apple developer and an article about products that could have changed the industry but didn’t (among them an analog computer and "The Connection Machine"). And a piece about high-tech graffiti.

Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate: The digital camera turns 30 this month.

From now own "The Interesting Link" will be my weekly links post - things that I believe could be interesting to people reading this blog but that for any reason I don't want to write more than a sentence about.