Sunday, January 15, 2006

Location Based Advertisment And Free Phones

Google tests local search on Google Maps (I predicted this last october - yea it was obvious). This, of course, is just an intermediate step - in the end you obviously want to deliver these advertisment to mobile users based on their current location. I expect that in the future your willingless to accept location based advertisment on your phone may pay (a large part of) your mobile phone bill. Imagine that: your mobile phone company offers free 50MB/month data traffic - you only have to accept that now and then there will be a message alerting you some restaurant/shop/event close by.

That offers realy interesting possibilities - the moment you enter the parking lot of a Target store, your mobile phone tells you how much cheaper Walmart would be. The parking lot of Burger King? Heard of the new Wendy's that opened two blocks south? (that makes for interesting law suits - is placing an virtual add on your competitors property trespassing?)

Update 16.01.:The NYT has an article about mobile advertisment and location based advertisment.

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