Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Interesting Link

More technology related retrospectives: NewScientists 2005: The year in technology. Wired looks back at predictions that where made for 2005 and 2005 as the year of the robot. LA Times industry feeling the presence of the 800 Pound Google.
Small ideas, great effect - The 10 Greatest Gadget Ideas of 2005, and wired's take on the best and worst gadgets of 2005.

New Scientists Most Read Stories of 2005 point to a really great story: 13 things that don't make sense - a compilation of experiments and phenomena nobody can explain.

Another look at what 2006 may bring (in technology). Gloomy outlooks from British business leaders and more gloomy outlooks about tech companies.
What 2006 may bring for Web 2.0 and "It's time to bury RSS"

Another hint about the closed nature of Google Base. But despite all the excitement - the way it looks right now, if Google does not offer ways to build applications on top of Google Base - this is just going to fail.

Wired has a feature about Stanley - the driverless car that won the grand challenge. I especially liked the short Seven ways todays cars are already robots.
Over the holidays 50 years ago, two scientists hatched artificial intelligence.
More information about Britains initiative to monitor every car journey.
The Guardian has a nice article about MyLifeBits - Microsoft project to record everything you experience in you life.
Overview of Ajax (with loads of helppful links).

Upcoming Conferences: 2006 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2006) and we have a nice "holiday conference" for those of you that hadn't had a chance to visit Las Vegas: The 2006 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing (actually that is a whole set of conferences - there's something for everyone). There is a special track on AI and the web at the AAAI2006.

The Political Link::John Simpson - a senior correspondent at bbc - guesses what 2006 may bring politically.

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