Tuesday, December 27, 2005

EU-IST Project: KnowledgeWeb

Knowledge Web is the Network of Excellence project in the Semantic Web area. Its stated main goal is to help Semantic technologies into the industry.

Or as they put it

Outreach to Industry: The main objective of Knowledge Web's outreach to industry area is to promote greater awareness and faster take-up of Semantic Web technology within Europe in full synergy with the research activity. This outreach will help to reduce time needed to transfer the technology to industry and to market.
Outreach to Education: Knowledge Web aims to work towards the establishment of a European Association for Semantic Web Education (EASE), which will act as the principal focus for educational activities on Semantic Web.
Coordination of Research: The objective of Knowledge Web will be to ensure that the research as performed by the leading groups in this area will be sufficiently coordinated to avoid both duplication and fragmentation. Such coordination is particularly important for the Semantic Web: since it is an inter-disciplinary area, joint collaborations among and across various research communities is necessary. The objective of Knowledge Web is to coordinate the European research effort to make Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services a reality.

Project Data: Network of Excellence, January of 2004 until January of 2008
Project Funding: 6.7 million €
Coordinated by the Universtity Innsbruck. Participants include the Universtiy Karlsruhe, Vrije Unisiteit Brussel, DERI Gallway, Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Sheffield (Full List)

More Info: The best source of information again seem to be the public available deliverables (for industry, research,education and management)

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