Tuesday, December 27, 2005

EU-IST Project: SEKT

The goal of the SEKT - Semantically Enabled Knowledge Technologies - project is to build the next generation knowledge management tools using semantic technologies.

SEKT will deliver software to: semi-automatically learn ontology and extract metadata, and to maintain and evolve the ontology and metadata over time; to provide knowledge access; besides middleware to effect integration of all the SEKT components. SEKT will also develop a methodology for using semantically based knowledge management. The software components and the methodology will be evaluated and refined through three case studies, in the legal, media and telecom industries.

Project Data: Integrated Project, January 2004 until January 2007
Estimated Cost: 12.5 million €
Project Funding: 8.33 million € (the project also receives some money from Switzerland)
Coordinator is British Telecom, participants include the University Karlsruhe, University Innsbruck, Ontoprise and Empolis. Complete List

More Info: You can find the project deliverables online. Even better is the Semantic Knowledge Management special issue of the Journal of Knowledge Management that features articles about work in the SEKT project (full content is available online).

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