Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Return Of The Link List

In the early days of the Web everyone had a carefully collected list links- it was just so difficult to find anything that you had to store whatever you found on your computer in order to be able to find it again. Then along came Google and search seemed so simple that the importance of the link list decreased. But now it seems the link list is making a comeback - albeit in a different form:

Google Co-op allows a user to create and launch a search engine with just a few specific websites included. Searches will return results from only that website.

And actually Google is not the first to offer such a service, Rollyo, Eurekster and Yahoo did it before. 

So now after first only link list and then only search we now have the combination of the two. I think the next step is a search engine that automatically gives priority to the sites that you visited in the past (Google Toolbar and/or Google Desktop Search know these sites already anyway).