Monday, November 14, 2005

Two Semantic Search Engines (well ... maybe)

Introduced with the great claim to be "as easy as Google but much more efficient" Con Weaver is a Semantic Search Engine by Frauenhofer. But well, at this link we have a website that doesn't even work with Opera, lots of the usual great talk and no demo to be seen.

MKSearch is

a research project to develop a metadata search engine. The system is composed of two linked systems; an indexing Web crawler and a public query interface. The indexing component extracts Dublin Core metadata from Web documents and stores them in RDF format. The query interface matches documents in the index using an RDF query language and can return the results in a variety of formats including standard HTML and as a standing RSS feed.
Its (very) open source and you can download and install it on your system (Tomcat); I for now lacked the time to do so. Sadly they do not offer an installed version that you could try before spending the time to install and configure the system yourself.

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