Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Interesting Link

There where a few interesting links about internet advertisment: Google's Shadow Payroll Is Not Such a Secret Anymore(about AdSense, free registration required), Microsoft introduces its own online ad system Ad Center(german article). There's also a great NYT article about advertisments for mobile phones. Finally Jakob Nielsen's Search Engines as Leeches on the Web (what the hight cost per click of AdSense does to eCommerce sites).

John Batelle in a CNN interview on the future of online search.

Search Engine Watch: Video Search: Still "Early Days"

A strange project called "Quaero"[German] - that wants to challenge google, but nobody knows much about it. A bit more information is here and here (strange flash site, click the lowest link - "Automatische Verarbeitung multimedialer Inhalte") .

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Robot, a article about the winners 2005 prize for "Progress Towards Machine Intelligence".

Prof. Lockemann - one founder of the FZI recently received a Bundesverdienstkreuz (one of the highest honours of the German state - more about Bundesverdienstkreuz in general).

Conferences and academic stuff: 1st International Workshop on Semantic Technologies in Collaborative Applications STICA06 WWW'06 Workshop on Models of Trust on the Web (MTW'06).
The Journal of Theory and Practice of Logic Programming has a special issue und Logic Programming an the web (deadline 2nd March). There is a Mobile Services and Ontologies Workshop at the The 7th International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM'06).

The university of Poznan is looking for a visiting scholar for 4 month in the area of applications of Semantic Web Technologies to Information Retrieval and Filtering

The Political Link: Wealth Grows, but Health Care Withers in China

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