Friday, January 27, 2006

Smart Spy Cams

More about smart spy cams, the combination of CCTV and image recognition technologies that poses a whole new world of privacy challenges.

NYT: The New Security: Cameras That Never Forget Your Face

The camera network - using software from 3VR Security Inc., a San Francisco company that makes surveillance technology - already knew what the houseman looked like; facial recognition algorithms had built a profile of him over time. With a couple of mouse clicks, managers combed through hours of videotape taken that night by the hotel's 16 cameras, and found every place he had been - including the back entrance he slipped out of, three hours into his shift. He became 1 of 10 employees dismissed from the hotel since 3VR's surveillance package was installed last June.

More about Smart Spy Cams: Britain will be the first country to monitor every car journey, DARPA's simple plan to track your every move, London: Panopticon Cracks

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