Thursday, January 26, 2006

Virtual Reality Workout

I can't wait to be able to combine physical exercise with playing computer games - so here are two developments into this direction: :

The VirtuSphere: full body immersion Virtual reality at last:

Inside the VirtuSphere, the virtual explorer can physically navigate the virtual world with genuine human movement, - the headset is wireless, and senses 360 degree movement, but unlike any existing virtual reality or gaming peripheral, the floor moves and each virtual step is accompanied by a real one of the same dimensions. [...] Wearing a wireless, head-mounted display, users can walk, jump, roll, crawl and run in any direction over unlimited distances without encountering real-world physical obstacles. The Virtusphere is a fundamental step forward for the entire science as it offers six degrees of freedom.
The hardware looks pretty solid - but don't underestimate the difficulty of displaying those DOOM images on the headset exactly in sync with the fast movements of a player trying to evade bullets and monsters ...

And West Virginia is using "Dance Dance Revolution" (one of first and most succesfull computer game / physical exercise combination) for exercise classes in public schools.